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Native Infant Water Shoes

Looking for a brand that has a native infant series water shoes? look no further than jefferson child. Our blue shell and white unisex water shoes are designed to give your little one a look into the world of water sports. The 10m size is perfect for small feet and gives your child a good range of motion in the shoes. The red and black unisex shoes also have a red and black synthetic take offs because that's what we love about jefferson child - they're all unique and stylish!

Native Miller Bling Child Peace Purpe Bling/Shell White Unis
Native Miles Child Shell White/ Shell White Unisex Infant Sl

Cheapest Native Infant Water Shoes Online

These native infant water shoes are perfect for a natural infant who is looking to protect themselves from the wet and dark. The blue and white jefferson child regatta blueshell and white unisex infant slip-on size 11m are made from natural materials and are sure to protect your native infant.
native infant water shoes are perfect for infants who are just starting to drink water. These shoes are soft and comfortable, perfect for keeping them warm or cool. At just $11. 99 you can't go wrong!
looking for a baby item to wear to the doctor's? a nativeinfant water shoe! These shoes are perfect for kids who are still in birth control and need some water and sleep. They're also good for those who are too young to take water and sleep, or those who want to be sure they're getting the best of both worlds.